Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Finally we have splashblack! Frothing Mocha mmmmm!

Chandeliers are up and on! bags not cleaning them Michael!
Double-sided fire place - bags not lighting it or chopping wood, happy to enjoy the warmth though!
Coach lights - 23 of them collected from Joondalup to Jandakot - just to get the ones we wanted - Michael love you long time for this!
Verandahs - going to come in handy when it rains, just need to decide on the paving colour!
Oooh coach light!
Parents retreat / Dog pen for our new addition to the family "Bill". Arriving in approximately two weeks - american staffordshire!
You can never have enough verandah or coach lights!

Door - yep that about sums it up - but not without a coach light to go with it!
Front entrance! - more doors, more coach lights!
The completed front elevation!
"Bailey" waiting patiently for "Bill's" arrival!
So many memories to be made - and what a great spot for wedding photos!
The "Bar" just waiting to be filled with fine wines and lots of cocktail mixtures - shelving to come!

Free form area - aka perfect spot for pool table - finger's crossed it's survived storage!

Michael investigating the fire place - "hmmm I could get used to this"
Double Double Garage - man's best friend!

Woman's Best Friend!

Kid's Bathroom!

Ensuite - that spa needs to be christened asap - it was tempting especially since we now have water!
Back view of the house - more paving, more verandah, more COACH LIGHTS!

One happy family - PRICELESS!

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  1. Not a day goes by, that we don't thank our lucky stars we have each other! All our dreams have come true, not wihtout out sacrifice but then where's the fun in that!